Specialized Classes


Art classes are taught to grades K-5th. Each week Mrs. Moon (K-2nd) and Mrs. Chapin (3rd-5th) join the students and share their amazing talents and love of the arts with LAM students. Throughout the year classes learn about a variety of art tools and styles and are encouraged to develop their own expression of style and design.


Bible education is a favorite class among the students as they get to delve into the stories and teachings of the Bible in a creative way. LAM students cover age-appropriate themes while learning and discussing theology and Jesus's teachings. Many of these lessons carry over to the weekly Chapel sessions for the entire school to enjoy.


Spanish is taught by Mrs. Elena DeMata to grades Preschool through 2nd grade. As many studies show, teaching foreign language to children is extremely beneficial in their adaptation to multiple languages. The students learn words, stories, and songs in Spanish and are encouraged to use the world around them to inspire and continue their learning.

Latin is taught to grades 3rd-5th by Mrs. LaRinda Chapin. Latin is considered the basis of many languages and scientific, literature, history, and mathematical foundations. Students focus on vocabulary and basic formations and pronunciations of words.


Music and Drama classes are provided to all students Preschool through 5th grade by Mr. Daniel Connelly. His course invites the children to learn songs for specific holidays throughout the year as well as traditional Christian songs. Students also put on stage performances for Veterans Day, Christmas, and Spring Performance as well as performances at local churches and throughout the community.