Extra Curricular Activities

LAM students are not limited to learning only within the classroom.

LAM strives to provide a broad-based education encompassing all aspects of life including the arts, culture, community, volunteering, church events and more. We believe children should learn by experiencing and exploring all this world has to offer.

Throughout the school year LAM provides many opportunities for children to learn and experience first-hand. LAM students participate in parades, community events, volunteering, performing at churches, donating to needy families, exploring the beauty of Idaho, school performances, Monday classes, orchestra performances and more.

Most LAM extra-curricular activities would not be possible without generous donations of resources and time. If you would like to become a volunteer or would like to donate resources for a field trip or outing please contact the LAM office at 208-765-8238.

Invent Idaho

 Invent Idaho is the premier student invention program in the Northwest, having provided a forum for thousands of young inventors in grades one through eight since its inception in 1989.  Invent Idaho is the only program in Idaho that celebrates student creativity and innovation, while teaching the inventive thinking process in an interdisciplinary curriculum. Young inventors participate in progressive levels of competitions, including three Regional events held across Idaho, culminating in an Invent Idaho State Finals event.

Speech Meet

Being able to speak well in public is a skill that not many of us can claim to have, yet it is vitally important in today's changing world. All LAM students participate in some way in Speech Meet. The Speech Meets exist to encourage students to speak audibly, articulately, and expressively before an audience and to encourage students to develop their skills of communication to bring honor to the Lord.

Drama Camps & Workshops

Daniel Connelly, our Drama, Speech, and Music instructor hosts several different Drama Camps and Workshops each summer. Themes have included Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Improv, Slapstick Comedy, and Percussion, just to name a few. Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and learn something new while having a blast! It doesn't get much more fun than this.


LAM Student Ambassadors are made up by the 5th grade class. They meet regularly with the principal. Ambassadors have a wide range of responsibilities. They represent the school at community functions like the Chamber of Commerce, community-wide fundraisers, and deliver food to local food banks. Ambassadors are also consulted on school events, help resolve concerns, and discuss new topics.


The Speech Meet is an annual LAM event in which all students participate. Students memorize a passage from such categories as Bible Memorization, Fables and Folklore, and Poetry to recite in front of a panel of judges. Grade level competitions are held in-house first with the top three students per category advancing to the district competition. The purpose of the Speech Meet is to develop communication skills, poise and confidence in speaking before an audience and to encourage fellowship with students from other Christian schools .

This is a wonderful opportunity for students in all grades to develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively and with poise and confidence.

Preschool to Kindergarten are for participation only and not judged in competition. 1st-5th will participate in the competition.


The Spelling Bee is held annually for students in 1st-5th grades, with 3rd-5th grade students competiting for advancement to the district competition. The students are provided with a list of spelling words designed to help them integrate both writing and reading exercises with spelling.

Students first compete within their grade level with the top students advancing to the District competition. From the District level, students can become eligible to advance to the Regional competition.

The objective of this competition is to develop good spelling habits, good vocabulary, proper communication as well as to promote fellowship with students from other Christian schools.


Running Group is a fun opportunity to promote health and wellness for students Kindergarten and up. The kids practice twice a week and build up their strength and endurance while building friendships across the grades. Running Group also helps kids prepare for the Annual LAM Fun Run!


Field trips and opportunities for growth off-campus help support the learning process and establish a connection between theory and practice. In this way, our students can experience the practical relevance of the matierial conveyed in class.